Best 7 Weight Loss Programs in Canada

As the number of weight loss programs in Canada continues to grow, selecting the best one for your personal needs becomes more difficult. How do you determine how to lose weight within your budget and time limitations if you don't know which diet plan is most likely to deliver the best results?

We understand the frustration, so we did the research to uncover the seven best diet plans available in Canada right now. If you don't want to continue wasting money on weight loss supplements, books and diet plans that fail to deliver results, use our research to find the right plan for your unique personality, schedule, lifestyle and budget.

Losing weight is possible. You just need the right plan to make it happen.



Boombod BOGO Free

BoomBod is one of the most powerful weight loss supplements for anyone struggling to control hunger and food cravings. Regardless of what meal plan you select, you need to consume fewer calories in order to burn stubborn belly fat and slim down. BoomBod is a weight loss shot designed to suppress your appetite, making it easier to stick with your diet.


Each shot contains a natural fiber known as glucomannan. It's believed to expand in the stomach so that there is less room for food. That sends a message to the brain that there is no need for food, reducing your appetite.


One clinical trial published in the Journal of Obesity in 2013 failed to prove claims that glucomannan boosts weight loss, but many people do use BoomBod shots successfully. The shots can also cleanse your digestive tract and relieve bloating, so there's value beyond the appetite suppressant.


BoomBod is available in several flavors and is sold in packs designed to last from one to three weeks. The bundles come with shakers that make it easy to mix and drink the shots. Expect to pay approximately $40 for a one-week supply. Delivery in Canada can take up to three weeks and may require duty and custom charges on top of the $14.95 delivery fee.


There are different formulas for morning, noon and night, so you can take these weight loss drinks up to three times per day to maximize results. There are separate formulas for men and women.



Doctors Best Weight Loss

Doctors Best is your online resource for medical-grade weight loss products that were once sold only through select weight loss clinics. You can now buy them online in several ways:

  • Select a meal plan and purchase products that fit the plan
  • Purchase products outside of a meal plan
  • Sign up for the DocsBox Club to receive a box of weight loss products every month for $22.99

There are over 700 weight loss products available today, including:

  • Shakes
  • Chips
  • Bars
  • Soups
  • Entrees
  • Hot drinks

The website allows you to search for products based on a chosen meal plan or according to other specifications. For instance, you may search for supplements by flavor or look for products that fit a low-fat, high-fiber, high-protein or low-carb diet. There are also bariatric-friendly foods, so this is the ideal weight loss shop if you're recovering from or preparing for weight loss surgery.

Prices for most products are reasonable, but they are a bit higher than the less nutritious foods you may see in your local grocery store. You can expect to pay around $150 per week if you follow a Doctors Best meal plan.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers Program in Canada

Weight Watchers is one of the longest standing weight loss programs in Canada, and it has a long history of success. Members enjoy a comprehensive weight loss program that includes valuable weight loss tips and personal support from coaches and other Canadians trying to live healthier lives.

Weight Watchers turns into a lifestyle for many long-term followers. It may begin with weight loss, but members often gain other benefits like increased confidence and improved focus for other life goals. For instance, Morgan from Toronto discusses becoming an "overall better version" of herself by following the Beyond the Scale plan. She also lost over 20 pounds at the time of her success story.

Many followers also report feeling more active and enjoying the outdoors more after following Weight Watchers. LeighAnna from Pickering, Ontario, is a good example of someone who joined to lose weight and ended up improving her entire lifestyle.

Here is a quick breakdown of how the program works:

  1. Enroll in the program, selecting the best diet plan for your lifestyle. The Freestyle plan is the most popular because it offers incredible flexibility and is easy to blend into any work schedule or social life. You can eat out and enjoy many of your favorite foods on a routine basis with no guilt.
  2. Download the Weight Watchers app and start recording everything that you eat. Your food choices correlate to points, and your goal is to stay within your goal allowance each day.
  3. Attend workshops to socialize with other members and receive ongoing motivation and support. This isn't a required part of the program, but the personal attention that you receive can make a tremendous difference as you try to maintain your new lifestyle in the long term.

You don't need to purchase special foods or weight loss supplements to follow the program successfully. The cost is less than $5 per month if you use the app on your own. Expect to pay closer to $10 per month for the app and workshops.


Medi Fast Canada

Medifast is the best Canadian diet plan for you, If you like the idea of following a medically supervised diet but can't afford to work with a diet center or clinic . It was originally created by a doctor to teach his overweight and obese patients how to lose weight quickly and safely.

The program was first launched in the United States, but it expanded to Canada in 2014. More than 20,000 doctors around the world now recommend the plan to their own patients, but you can use it without a prescription or supervising doctor.

The first step is to visit the Medifast website and select a diet plan. You will receive a detailed meal plan that allows you to eat every few hours, and most of your food is purchased from the program. Your pre-packaged foods will include simple meals like oatmeal and salmon, but you will also consume a lot of weight loss drinks and shakes.

Medifast isn't for everyone because you don't have the freedom to eat out or make your own meals. The plans cost around $150 per week, so the price is prohibitory for many people as well. There are still thousands of people who have lost significant amounts of weight following the program.

You're likely to succeed with Medifast if all of the following apply to you:

  • You have a substantial amount of weight to lose and want to do it as quickly as possible.
  • Your lifestyle allows you to consume prepackaged meals every few hours.
  • You have the dedication to sacrifice home-cooked meals and dining out with friends in the long term.
  • You want to lose weight without an exercise requirement.
  • You can afford to spend a least $150 per week on food just for yourself.
  • Your ideal weight loss plan is backed by scientific studies and has been proven effective.

Cooking Light Diet

Cooking Delight Weight Loss in Canada

We highly recommend the Cooking Light Diet to anyone who wants to learn how to cook healthy meals at home. Knowing how to make nutritious meals can help with weight management once you reach your ideal weight. You may choose another program for fast weight loss and then follow up with this diet for long-term maintenance.

The plan is designed to assess the right number of calories for you to consume each day. You then select recipes from a catalog that contains thousands of meals. You receive a complete meal plan that includes three daily meals and snacks.

You will also receive a detailed shopping list that makes it easy to buy your food for the week. You then follow the recipes to prepare nutrient-dense foods tailored to your personal calorie limit. Simply follow the plan to lose weight safely.

The Cooking Light Diet advertises its weekly meal plans at less than $2 per week, but you can't see your full price until you start the signup process. That process begins by filling in personal information like your height and weight to determine your caloric limit.


Flat Tummy

Best Weight Loss Program in Canada


Flat Tummy Co caters exclusively to women interested in easy weight management or weight loss. They offer a variety of supplements designed to burn stomach fat, control hunger and help women earn their flat tummies with less effort. Some of their bestsellers include:


  • Flat Tummy Tea – Detoxifying tea is designed to reduce bloating to quickly flatten the stomach and increase comfort.
  • Shake It Baby – Individually wrapped meal replacement shakes are loaded with plant-based protein, fruits, vegetables, minerals and vitamins while packing less than 150 calories. Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla pod flavors are available.
  • Flat Tummy Lollipops – Lick your way out of food cravings with these appetite suppressant pops that are available in four fruity flavors.

You can also purchase Flat Tummy nootropic supplements that are designed to enhance mood, memory and mental focus. While those benefits aren't directly related to your ability to burn fat and slim down, we all know that mood and focus can suffer when you're adjusting to healthy lifestyle changes.


We recommend Flat Tummy supplements as enhancements for your diet plan and exercise regime. All products are sold as weekly supplies, and you have to buy multiple weeks at a time. Expect to pay $30 - $100 at a time, depending on the product and number of weeks purchased.


You can shop online or pick up Flat Tummy products in the following Canadian stores:


  • Lawtons Drugs
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Guardian
  • Sobeys
  • Pharmaprix
  • Rexall



Beach Body Weight Loss Program in Canada

Beachbody is best known for selling popular at-home workout programs like 80 Day Obsession and Insanity. What you may not know is that they also sell some of the best supplements for weight loss. Start with Shakeology, which is easily the most nutritious shake available today. It's available in five flavors, including some vegan-friendly options.

Other Beachbody diet products include a line of Performance pre-workout energy drinks and recovery formulas. If you're interested in a Beachbody meal plan, the Fixate cookbook and meal portion cups may do the trick. You'll learn how to select healthy foods that support weight loss and then portion them out to create a balanced diet.

The Beachbody family assigns every customer to a coach, or you can purchase directly through a coach you already know. Coaches are passionate about fitness and will provide weight loss tips and inspiration in addition to telling you about the latest sales and discounts. For instance, coach Rosario Armenta shares her love for fitness and Beachbody is dedicated to helping Canadians customize Beachbody products to fit their individual needs.

Beachbody products are reasonably priced, and they put select products on sale each month. Shakeology is available for just $4 per day at full price and can easily replace meals because it's packed with super foods.

Now that you're familiar with some of the most effective weight loss programs in Canada, what do you think will work best for you? We took the time to do the research in hopes of helping you find a successful weight loss program faster. Keep us up to date on your progress.



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